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Sofia Hemus hotel refurbishment

Daikin’s VRV IV Continuous Heating heat pump system provides an integrated climate control solution for a city centre hotel refurbishment with the flexibility to meet complex needs and save on running costs through improved control.
Situated in the heart of Bulgaria’s capital city Sofia, the Hemus Hotel provides three star value for money rooms for tourists, as well as business class accommodation and associated services for commercial visitors. A multiple-use development, the 1300m2 building comprises of three floors of accommodation, with over 200 economy and standard rooms plus a range of junior and VIP suites. Two additional floors house offices and a conference centre. Other facilities on site include a bank, casino, nightclub and hair
salon. The hotel restaurant, with its elegant and contemporary design caters not only for hotel guests but additionally is open to external visitors for dining and events.
As part of the renovation of the building, which was part-financed by an EU programme for SME’s, the Hemus Hotel chain opted to install a total HVAC solution. A key objective was to select an energy-efficient solution that would minimise running costs, while ensuring the comfort of guests and visitors. With a diverse range of operating requirements, finding a system that offered maximum flexibility was also vital.
Regional installer and HVAC system designer TULiPS Ltd, chose Daikin’s VRV IV heat pump system with continuous heating, for its high degree of personal comfort and central control combined with the freedom to control different areas within the building locally, the solution was ideal for a multi-zone, multiple occupancy requirement.
The Daikin VRV offers heating, cooling, ventilation and hot water in one integrated system, providing an integrated temperature control solution. Including variable refrigerant temperature, the VRV IV generation has delivered a number of ‘industry firsts’, with innovative new features designed to deliver maximum versatility and comfort with low running costs.

Trouble-free installation

The installation was completed in just three months. The simplified design of the VRV IV system and its relatively small piping requirements meant that the work could be carried out while the hotel remained in operation throughout. The main piping was installed into a false ceiling in the corridors and vertical distribution piping in an enclosed plasterboard case to the external façade of the emergency staircase, to give an unobtrusive appearance, achieved with minimal disruption to hotel guests.
Stylish space-saving wall-mounted units in individual hotel bedrooms offer discreet comfort, blending in with the décor and allowing hotel guests to choose their preferred room temperature with the help of easy to use controls. In the restaurant and lobby areas, ceiling cassettes have been installed, maintaining a temperature controlled environment that offers maximum energy efficiency. The roundflow cassettes offer maximum comfort thanks to the 360° outblow which ensures an even temperature distribution. The height ceiling mode offers comfort even in areas where the ceilings are up to 3 meters the sophistication of the new Daikin VRV IV system creates the perfect environment for hotel guests and visitors even in low temperatures, providing reliable comfort whatever the weather.

Хотел Хемус - Дайкин

The sophistication of the new Daikin VRV IV system creates the perfect environment for hotel users, whatever the season.

All-round comfort with energy savings

Daikin’s newest generation VRV IV outdoor units include continuous comfort during defrost, a feature which is unique to the industry. Unlike conventional heat pumps, where the heating cycle is reversed periodically to remove ice-build up in operation, which can lead to a perceived drop in heating levels, the new VRV IV system provides continuous heating even during defrost. A unique Heat Accumulation Element ensures room temperatures remain constant at all times, providing high comfort levels in the hotel bedrooms and lobby areas.
The Daikin VRV IV system also employs Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology, which continuously adjusts the refrigerant temperature to match the actual temperature and capacity needed at all times. Providing optimal seasonal efficiency, the VRV IV system has been shown to achieve savings of up to 28% annually through increased energy efficiency. Equally important, by maintaining higher outblow temperatures from indoor units, the VRT also prevents cold draughts in cooling mode to ensure optimal comfort.
These two features guarantee comfort and heating for the hotel’s users, even in temperatures as low as minus 20ºC.

Intelligent Control

Daikin’s intelligent Touch Manager mini BMS allows the hotel to manage the HVAC network centrally to control system settings, for example setting minimum and maximum temperature levels, and to monitor energy consumption across the different building zones. Staff members are able to control temperatures room by room from an easy to use, programmable touch screen interface. Fully web-enabled, the system can also be managed remotely from anywhere.
With its flexibility, the innovative inverter control technology provides the precise control the Hotel needs in accommodating the needs of its many guests and visitors while achieving its energy and environmental goals.
“We needed to provide full comfort for our guests and at the same time to lower energy costs. The VRV IV solution from Daikin fitted all our requirements, as well as the energy efficiency capabilities, we required a system which has operational flexibility and could fit into our building’s existing infrastructure. This system was the ideal solution” says Evgeny Balardjiev, CEO of Hemus Hotels.

Hotel Hemes - central controller

Central controller can monitor the whole building

Hotel Hemes - vrv iv installed discreetly on roof

VRV IV installed discreetly on roof

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